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Many do not know the YOUTHagain method yet. Clear that there are many questions about new products. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our customers.

How does YOUTHagain® counteract décolleté wrinkles?

Décolleté wrinkles occur in almost all women who sleep mainly on the side. The skin on the décolleté is thin and mostly dry. Extensive sunbathing and / or age-related degradation of collagen and hyaluronic acid additionally promote the unloved wrinkles. With YOUTHagain®, you kill several birds with one stone:

  • Hyaluronic serum floods your skin deeply with moisture.
  • The self-adhesive soft pad made of medical grade silicone keeps the moisture in the skin and stabilizes it at the same time, so that it can not collapse in the lateral position to wrinkles.
  • In addition, the med. Silicone the skin temperature slightly (you feel it but nothing). This in turn stimulates the regeneration of the skin and collagen formation.
  • The emergence of décolleté wrinkles is thereby prevented and existing ones are reliably smoothed.

What does the YOUTHagain® Complete Kit contain?

Depending on your choice, the YOUTHagain® complete set / starter set contains:

    a high-quality silicone pad "Classic", "DROP" or "NECK" made of medical grade silicone
    30 ml of special hyaluronic serum in an elegant airless dispenser
    50 ml Softpad-Cleanser in a handy foam dispenser for cleaning and reactivating the silicone pad
    a soft cleaning brush
    a novel microfibre cloth for skin preparation without chemicals

Why the hyaluronic serum?

There are providers who seem to enrich the silicone pad with hyaluronic acid. We have been through these tests for years and decided that this does not correspond to our idea of ​​a good product. There was no benefit to the customer, on the contrary: the hyaluronic acid reduces the adhesion and thus the durability of the silicone pad without causing anything on the skin.

We wanted to develop a décolleté care that meets the highest demands. Our highly effective and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid moistens the normally dry décolleté skin during sleep. Hyaluronic serum is a natural and indispensable component of the skin. Unfortunately, this endogenous substance decreases with age. Therefore, we support the dry skin of the décolleté with hyaluronic acid and include the moisture with the silicone pad.
YOUTHagain® Hyaluronic serum not only moisturizes your skin, it also supports its ability to regenerate. This requires a sufficient amount of high-quality hyaluronic acid.

Why a special softpad cleaner?

The soft cleaning foam cleans your pad gently without damaging the sensitive adhesive layer. In addition, it is non-greasy and specially developed for cleaning and reactivating adhesive silicone. Finally, we want you to be able to use your silicone pad for as long as possible.

Why does YOUTHagain® "Classic" have this unusual sickle shape?

This special shape is patented and the specialty of YOUTHagain®. It allows the use of the pad in the various cleavage areas - wherever the wrinkles are - from the lower cleavage to the neck. Only YOUTHagain® allows you to decide night after night at which point you would like to reduce your wrinkles. If you want to treat your neck wrinkles, we recommend "NECK".

What should I watch out for when using YOUTHagain®?

The application of YOUTHagain® is very simple: Clean your cleavage thoroughly with warm water and the microfibre cloth and dry it off. Apply a drop of special hyaluronic acid and let it absorb briefly. When the skin has dried completely after a few seconds, stick the silicone pad to the place where you want to smooth the wrinkles. Place the pad in the center and smooth it out to the sides. Then press it with the warm palm of your hand for a few seconds. As you sleep, the pad prevents new wrinkles from appearing and smoothes those that are already there. Marvel at the result after only a few applications.
Please follow the enclosed instructions for use.

When do I have to clean the pad?

In principle, as little as possible. Always rinse your pad with warm water after each use. Wipe with the palm of your hand over the adhesive surface. Then just let it dry with the adhesive surface up. That's it. Only when you are no longer satisfied with the liability, it is time for a reactivation. This varies from skin type to skin type and also depends on whether you sweat at night. During heavy night sweats, it is better to wear the pad for several hours during the day. YOUTHagain® is so thin and inconspicuous that this is easily possible.

What is the included foil for?

With this film you can store the pad to save space. Just stick it on the foil (when it's dry) and roll it up. Your Silinova pad is made small and fits in every beauty case. So you always have it with you when traveling.

How often should I use YOUTHagain®?

You will not feel your pad at night. Therefore, it is not a problem to use it daily. For some customers, only every 2 or 3 days is enough, you will find out quickly. We recommend that you wear the pad daily until the wrinkles have disappeared. Then as needed, as you like.

How long does the YOUTHagain® silicone pad, hyaluronic serum and cleanser last?

That depends on how often you use the pad. With good care, the pad can last 6 to 7 months with daily use. We are the only manufacturer to give a 3-month guarantee on the adhesive force of the pad, provided that the instructions for use have been followed and the cleaning was carried out with our Softpad Cleanser. (The pad can not adhere without cleaning.) Hyaluronic acid and cleansing foam are very rich, The hyaluronic acid is sufficient for about 6 months, the foam for about 1 year.

Can I use my night cream under the pad?

Unfortunately, no. Fatty creams completely lift the adhesion. For care under the pad is the Hyaluronserum. Your usual décolleté care is best worn on the next morning.

Can I also use any other hyaluronic serum?

Please do not! YOUTHagain® Hyaluronic Acid has been specially formulated for use under the YOUTHagain® Silicone Pad. Most hyalurongels destroy the adhesive silicone. That is why the YOUTHagain® Hyaluronic Acid is developed and manufactured exclusively for Silinova® in Germany.

Why should not I use a shower gel or cleaning foam?

The medical adhesive silicone we use reacts sensitively to chemicals of all kinds (your skin, too!). Cosmetics leave residues on your skin, even if they were supposedly rinsed with clean water. Rinse thoroughly shower gel and wash the décolleté again with clean water and microfibre cloth. Residues of cleaning agents can destroy the adhesive silicone. Please avoid moisturizing shower gel, it is difficult to remove.

I have sensitive skin. Can I still use YOUTHagain®?

All our products are tested on sensitive skin. Although skin reactions can never be completely ruled out, they are extremely unlikely. If the silicone allergy is known, do not use the pad.

Is it really worth it for me? After all, similar offers are cheaper elsewhere.

Our silicone soft pads are only more expensive at first glance than conventional silicone pads. Considering the long life, they even have an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

Sample calculation Bestseller "Classic", 79,00 €:  

The guaranteed imprisonment of 3 months equals € 26.00 per 30 days (that is the average term of a conventional silicone pad). Thus, YOUTHagain® is the cheapest pad even with the guarantee of our peel adhesion guarantee. Our customers often have their pads 6 to 7 months. That's 11,30 € per month!

I have had bad experiences with other silicone pads. What is different about Silinova®?  

Much! The super-smooth adhesive surface, for example, stays clean for a long time because it is not as unappetisingly sticky and oily as cheap Chinese purses. The carefully rounded edges, which are free of adhesive silicone and therefore do not attract lint. 

The ultra-thin silicone that makes Silinova softpads so discreet and discreet, while providing incredible wearing comfort. Conventional silicone pads are mostly thick and chunky or, like the chinaware, stamped from cheap silicone film. These often only last a few days. No wonder you were not satisfied!

Can I also return YOUTHagain® products if I am not satisfied? What about the money back guarantee?

At Silinova, we have a high demand for the quality of our products. We are so confident in their effectiveness that we offer a money back guarantee on all pads and sets. Only Silinova GmbH offers 4 weeks money back guarantee if you do not like it. If you want to revoke the contract, please fill out this withdrawal form. We take over your postage. Please request a return label.

Your question is not listed? No problem, we would be happy to advise you personally. At youthagain@silinova.com we will process your request immediately. For all those who do not like to write emails we offer a consulting hotline on Tel. 08051 - 89770. Thank you!



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